How We Operate


Our goal is to raise $20,000.00 annually to support Samuha’s disability program.

We do this through fundraising dinners, silent auctions, sale of books and sale of Indian crafts.
Canadian Therapy Student Practicums

SODA now offers physiotherapy and occupational therapy practicums for Canadian students for 6 weeks annually with Samuha in India. This project has proved very beneficial both for the disability program and for the students who have gained unique and valuable experience. The instructor and the students fund their own air-fares and Samuha provides basic food and accommodation.

SAMUHA Project Areas

SAMUHA has projects in 5 locations in the State of Karnataka.The project operates in more than 150 villages reaching over 600 people with disabilities, mostly children.They depend on SODA to provide funding for the children from several of these villages and for some of the disability workers. There are 20 of these rehabilitation workers who work with people with all types of disability, of which the majority are children with polio. Samuha also provides many other needed services. Where possible, we use local materials such as pvc pipe and wood for the manufacture of calipers and crutches as well as local leather for special shoes.
Village Demographics

P1040128samuha-clients-webThe project area is drought prone being situated on the Deccan plateau. The families live in poverty and are barely able to provide for themselves and for a person with a disability, it is almost impossible.

Villagers mostly live in mud and thatch huts. Diet consists of lentils, beans and flat millet bread.Water is usually hauled from a borewell.

Agriculture is the main activity with herds of goats, sheep and teams of oxen being more frequent sights on the narrow roads than any motorized vehicle.
Vocational Training

Apart from providing therapy services, Samuha also offers tailoring training and other income generation programs to enable the disabled to support themselves financially.
Your Dollars At Work!

All money raised by SODA goes directly to the disability program in India. The use of these funds is closely monitored by SODA. The disability workers earn $30.00/month. $3,000.00 covers all orthotic, prosthetic and other aids and appliances that are required for the total project for 1 year.