“In January 2015 I am going to Samuha in the South of India to act as a preceptor for 4 amazing physiotherapy students from the University of British Columbia (UBC). I will write updates and blog posts on our work at the centre.” Phil Sheppard Click To Visit Phil’s Website […]

In The Field – Follow The 2015 S.O.D.A. Team

Pediatric physiotherapist and S.O.D.A. board member Andrea Mendoza is returning to Samuha Samarthya for the third time! She will be volunteering for 6 months for the 2015-2016 Samuha Samarthya Sustainability Project. During this time, there will be 16 other volunteers donating their time and efforts for 4-6 week stints. The […]

Andrea’s Fund Raiser

Interview With Leslie Schwab Lesley Schwab is an Orthopedic Physiotherapist from Prince George, BC and has been a CBL tutor in the MSK block for the past 4 years.  Her passion for physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation has taken her as far away as Koppal in South India. Lesley’s friend, Hillary […]

Interview With Leslie Schwab