COVID Status in India

SAMUHA provided the following information regarding current COVID status in India.

COVID status in India:

As of September 2021, 33,693,148 cases and in Karnataka  2,973,899  people, in Koppal 35,117 people and in Raichur 39,900 people were affected by COVID.


In India 447,406 people and Karnataka 37,746 people. in  Koppal 518 people and in Raichur 329 deaths happened. 

Still 504 people are affected by COVID everyday but in our area (Koppal) no new cases.

Due to COVID, issues noticed as below,

  • No proper transport, due to this medical referrals affected, people find it difficult to reach rehabilitation service and spend more money for transportation.
  • Project provided home based service on need based with all precautions and also extended service through phone calls, whatsapp call, video calls
  • Funding was reduced and stopped for some  disability programme from other donors, due to this staff salaries being affected. 
  • People’s earning also are affected due to this they are not able to spend money towards rehabilitation needs like appliances, therapy, medical etc so local contribution is also reduced for disability programme.
  • SODA and other resource supported families like therapy for children, Spinal injury service, vocational training for women with disabilities and parents, medical, food kits appliances, COVID kits like mask etc.
  • A lot of awareness and training given to communities about COVID 19 precautions.