Book Launch – FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM – Tales of Therapy in Rural India.

Hilary recently launched her book outlining her 25 years of experience with Samuha in India.

Footsteps to Freedom Tales of Therapy in Rural India transports the reader into rural India during the height of the polio epidemic. This book explores how a volunteer physiotherapist from the British Columbia Interior turns adversity into advantage when she conquers her fears of the unknown and leaves home to immerse herself in work with the differently abled in rural South India, leading to life-changing experiences.

This journey describes how children with polio progress from crawling in their village through rehabilitation and education to become adults leading productive lives. See life through the eyes of these children and follow their footsteps through these pages as you travel from Canada to rural India with interludes in England.

The evolution of S.O.D.A. is also described including fund-raising activities for the building of the Early Intervention Centre for pre-school children with disability, also the construction of the Spinal Cord Injury Unit, which has transformed so many lives. Expansion of Samuha’s disability program from one centre to the present 3 centres offering services to the surrounding villages of each of these clinics is also highlighted.

Hilary returned to Samuha in India last November. FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM follows six children with polio from initial assessment as infants to leading their successful lives as adults working in their villages. Hilary presented each of these clients with a copy of her book and their smiles lit up their faces.

This book can be ordered by emailing Hilary at or it is available at Books & Co in Prince George, BC. Digital copies are also available from this website, click to get your copy of Footsteps to Freedom. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Samuha in India through S.O.D.A.

Hilary Crowley
President of S.O.D.A.