Blog From India: Nov. 30, 2016

p1020696p1020689Time is winding down here. Only 1 more day at the project then should fly home on Friday, as long as Lufthansa isn’t still on strike then.
This morning there was a small cobra near the mess, where we eat! Everyone was quite excited about it but I managed to get a decent photo. I have seen other snakes here but that’s the first time I’ve seen a cobra, although they are fairly common, hopefully it’s the last.
I spent yesterday teaching at the spinal cord unit to both the staff and the patients. The clients are progressing well and several have been fitted with braces and are learning to walk with a walker or crutches. Today I am working in the early intervention centre and helping out with some of the more severely affected children.
The last two nights I’ve been out for dinner with different members of staff. Everyone is so generous here. This evening I am meeting with the head of the local Rotary club to see if they can help out in any way.