Blog From India: Nov. 18, 2016

p1020605The 2nd day here we went on a field visit to see a family. They literally lived in the fields, miles from the nearest road. There were goats tethered on their porch and bullocks resting peacefully under the large mango tree. The purpose of the visit was to see a 3 year old girl with cerebral palsy, She was dressed in a pink party dress for the occasion! They were a loving family and Samuha had already made a special chair for her. The parents work in the field all day so Grandma looks after the child and ensures that she is positioned well and has some stimulating activities for her.
We then returned to the spinal cord centre and spent time with a couple of the clients. They were all outside in their chairs in a circle, when we arrived, playing a ball game and all were smiling and happy. It was so good to see. Previously these clients would be stuck in their house, usually in bed, with no activities and a dismal future. Now they are learning independence and all will either have a wheel-chair or braces in order to mobilise when they get home.
There is also a small group of German volunteers here with Samuha and they are helping with the home modifications needed when the client returns to their village. The centre has expanded to accommodate 15 clients and 2 disability workers have undergone special training. The physio gym is well equipped and Lesley brought more theraband for resisted exercises with her, which delighted them. SODA donors can be very proud of all these accomplishments.