2016 Update Letter


SAMUHA Overseas Development Association (S.O.D.A.)

PO Box 27, Summit Lake, BC V0J 2S0

November 2016

This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of SODA. This includes 20 years of fundraising in Prince George and further afield to support the disability program in South India. We have accomplished much during this time, including the establishment of an Early Intervention Centre for young children with disability as well as the Spinal Cord Injury Unit to enable clients with spinal injuries to learn independence and undergo vocational training. Together we have helped to transform many lives.

SODA recently held another successful fundraising dinner at the Hart Crown Banquet Hall. We always have a great turn-out and everyone seemed to really enjoy the evening and camaraderie. As always, every cent raised, above the cost of the dinner, goes directly to help families with disability where SAMUHA works.

Hilary & Lesley are preparing for their upcoming trip to Samuha for the month of November. This time they are not taking students but will be assessing the progress of the program and determine the future needs of the project. In 2016 the Spinal Cord Injury Unit has expanded from accommodation and services for 5 clients to 15 clients. Two disability workers have undergone special training for spinal cord injuries so we are greatly looking forward to seeing this progress. The video of this program is available at www.samarthya.org This is an excellent new website of the disability program in India, which gives you an idea of the lay of the land and the scope of the work of Samuha Samarthya, which is the full name of the disability program..

Andrea Mendoza, a physiotherapist and SODA Board member, spent 6 months with Samuha last Winter. She had 17 other resource people, including students and orthotic technicians, join her during this time to upgrade the skills of the team. She and the students also updated Samuha’s training manuals.

Samuha is so thankful to all our generous supporters for enabling their important work. Jess Willemse, a previous physio student from Queens, and her family held another successful volleyball tournament in Ontario this Summer and raised $1,200.00 for Samuha. Several previous students continue to support SODA. SAMUHA and all the families we work with sincerely thank all our supporters for their generosity to enable this work to continue.

Warm Regards,

Hilary and the SODA Team.