Andrea’s Fund Raiser


Andrea Mendoza

Pediatric physiotherapist and S.O.D.A. board member Andrea Mendoza is returning to Samuha Samarthya for the third time! She will be volunteering for 6 months for the 2015-2016 Samuha Samarthya Sustainability Project. During this time, there will be 16 other volunteers donating their time and efforts for 4-6 week stints.

The main goal of this trip is to improve Samuha Samarthya’s self-sustainability. Their team hopes to contribute to this in many ways!

• Improve the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) training manuals (which haven’t been updated in 20 years!)

• Hold theoretical and practical educational sessions for the CBR workers to improve and standardize the level of care being provided in the Early Intervention Centres, the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Unit, and other community outreach programs.

• Hold educational sessions for caregivers, school teachers, and other community members to maximize care and inclusion of people with disabilities in these rural communities.

• Increase efficiency of the organization by piloting and implementing new ventures such as a loan equipment program

• Teach the local CBR-Workers to be teachers, so they can continue to educate their colleagues and future newcomers to the field, and not rely on Canadian volunteers for education

• Raise awareness of Samuha Samarthya by facilitating Canadian volunteer experiences (physiotherapists and orthotists). There are a total of 17 other clinicians and students coming for 1-2 month stints throughout the project!

• Raise awareness for global health and create avenues for discussion about international volunteering in general, as I hope some of these volunteers may have the desire to contribute to other international projects. It is crucial to understand what type of volunteer work is beneficial for these types of NGOs, as we will be aiming to empower the local workers rather than doing the clinical work ourselves. We don’t want to parachute in, work, and leave, as that would leave the organization no different than when we found it.
The goal for this fundraiser is $10,000, and we will be running this campaign until September 30th, 2015.

Donations for this project will be collected by direct deposit. Typical fundraising websites charge significant administrative fees. In order to ensure that the maximum amount of money goes towards the above initiatives, please do a direct deposit to the following account.

Donations of $20 or more are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

Please include your email address in the “Message to Recipient” box so we can contact you to say thanks, and especially if you want a tax receipt!

Interac E-Transfer:
Transit: 02800
Institution: 010
Account #: 8844739
Swift Code (for International Donors): CIBCCATT

If you aren’t able to make a financial contribution, we completely understand – we would appreciate any help to spread the word about our cause in any way you feel inclined.Talk, text, Facebook, Tweet… we would be so SO grateful for it all.
Please visit for more information.

Samuha Samarthya works exclusively with People with Disabilities directly helping them to overcome various problems and challenges due to disability.